Residential Trips

Useful information

  • Tarporley has 8 bunks in the midships cabin section, behind the galley and toilet/shower
  • In adddition to these bunks, 4 people can sleep on the lounge seats
  • There is storage space for bags etc, in the midships cabin
  • Curtains can be drawn to create some privacy between the 2 sleeping areas
  • You need to bring your own bedding - sleeping bags are ideal
  • There is a shower and wash basin in the bathroom
  • Crew sleep separately in the boater's cabin at the back of the boat
  • You can charge your phone, i-pods etc. - bring your own adaptor: a car-type 12vDC socket and a USB socket is available in the midships cabin and standard UK 3-pin 240vAC mains sockets are available throughout the boat
  • Other small mains electrical equipment may only be used at the discretion of the skipper as Tarp's batteries can easily be drained. If you are not sure about what to bring ask us when you book
  • There is some background heating to take the chill of a cold night, but remember it's cooler on the water and dress accordingly - an extra layer or two is advised

Food & drink

  • Whilst it is possible to stop to take on fresh supplies, shops aren't always around when you want them and may be hard to find on or near 'the cut' [boaters word for the canal!], so we recommend you bring with you as much as you can at the start of your trip
  • Items needing refrigeration will need to fit in a standard under-the-worktop fridge with a small icebox/ freezer compartment
  • There are 2 folding tables you can use