As we are an organisation run entirely by volunteers, final confirmation of a booking will be given only when we have a crew in place. This can take up to 10 working days. Our availability can be viewed on the calendar on the website bookings page.

We will confirm receipt of the Booking Form and Deposit by email. No booking will be finally confirmed until we have a crew in place and we have received the balance of the booking fee. If we are unable to find crew, we will offer an alternative date or refund your deposit in full.

When we have a crew in place, we will : Confirm your booking and require the balance of the fee Inform you of the name and contact details of the Skipper. The skipper will then contact you.

Hire Period
The hire period is as agreed when the booking is confirmed. Times will not be extended for late arrival of the group.

The members of the group will be given a safety briefing before setting off. The Group Leader will be required to certify that the briefing has taken place and a record will be kept on board.

We will not be held responsible for the consequences of any delays or restrictions arising from obstructions, repairs or damage to navigations, floods, water shortage or any other cause. We reserve the right to restrict cruising in unusual or hazardous conditions.

Carrying Capacity
The carrying capacity of the boat is a maximum of 12 persons at any one time (excluding crew).

If you cancel the trip after payment of the balance but more than 48 hours before the date of a confirmed trip, we will return 50% of the fee. If you cancel with less than 48 hours, we will not refund any monies. If we have to cancel the trip for any reason we will refund all monies paid in full.

Adult groups may bring a responsible amount of alcohol on board. Use of recreational drugs is prohibited.

Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes is prohibited inside the boat.

If the behaviour of any member/s of the group is such as to cause nuisance, or endanger other passengers or the crew, we have the right to remove individuals or to terminate the cruise. The Skipper’s decision is final.

Each group hiring the boat will have a Group Leader whose name, address and contact details will be entered on the booking form. The Group Leader is responsible for the behaviour of the members of the group at all times during the cruise. For groups involving children, young people or vulnerable adults there shall be sufficient additional appropriate adults to cater for the needs of the group.

We require that you inform us of any known health problems affecting members of the group that might have consequences during the trip. If in doubt please let us know.

Additional Boats
Where CCNA has hired any additional boat/s, these conditions will apply pro rata.